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some common questions that we are asked

What the difference between coworking
and self employed in a salon?

Complete freedom to run your business how you see fit, surrounded by like minded people. Charge your own prices, decide your own hours, use the products you love, and handle your own payments. We provide a space for you to thrive, network and grow.

Would there be an assistant for me?

There is a house host/assistant who is there during peak hours to assist you through your day. From making drinks, keeping the space clean and tidy. If you wish to book an assistant for hands on help then this can be arranged with prior notice an extra cost.

What hours does my rental include? 

Daily and weekly bookings are based around a 9 hour working day during what we call, peak hours. Our hours are as follows;

Tuesday 8-5

Wednesday 9-6

Thursday 11-8 

Friday 10-6

Saturday 9-6 

Monthly Chair rental includes off peak access too if you wish to have keys*

*keys require a security deposit, that will then give you access Tuesday - Sunday 8-8 everyday

What equipment do I need to bring with me?

We understand that some of your equipment is personal and you like what you like, however we do have stock of some essential tools that you are welcome to use, Including towels, trolleys, gloves, cotton wool, foil, clingfilm,  gowns, styling products, backwash haircare, couch roll, cotton pads, Qtips . For a full list please email

Im new to the freelancing world, Can you help me get set up?

We can't tell you what to do, but we can certainly hold your hand through it. We are able to offer bespoke packages for social media coaching, business support, and even customer service support if you would like it. 

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